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Post-Doctoral Fellows


Employer: Institute of Medical Biology (IMB) (

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Posted: June 11, 2008

Expires: August 10, 2008

Tags: singapore, postdoctoral fellows, biological sciences, microbiology, genetics and genomics, clinical sciences, and neuroscience 


The Institute of Medical Biology (IMB) is the newest research institute of Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (ASTAR). Its mission is to understand the mechanisms of human disease and to find new and effective therapeutic strategies for improved quality of life. IMB is developing internationally excellent research programmes to work with clinical collaborators at the challenging interface between basic science and medicine. More information can be found at

Distinguished scientists in the fields of Stem Cell and Developmental Biology are seeking

for the following projects:

Bruno Reversade: Genetic and functional investigations of rare human pedigrees with outstanding phenotypes (e.g. identical twinning)/novel syndromes causing hereditary birth defects.

 • Alan Colman: Disease-specific embryonic stem and iPS cells as surrogate models of human disease.

• Colin Stewart: (i) Nuclear architecture in stem cell development (ii) Interactions between the nuclear envelope/lamina and cytoskeleton in development and disease.

• Davor Solter & Barbara Knowles: (i) Molecular control of the oocyte to embryo transition; and (ii) Epigenetic reprogramming of adult cells into ES cells.

• Gerald Udolph: Spatial and temporal studies of Drosophila neuroblast lineage progression using novel in vivo imaging and image processing approaches.

• Mike Jones: TGFb-related signaling during vertebrate embryonic development.

• Ray Dunn: Specification of definitive endoderm and early pancreatic progenitors in differentiating human ES cells.

• Sohail Ahmed: The regulation of Sox2 in embryonic and neural stem cells using advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques (F-techniques).

• Takahiro Nakano: Identification and isolation of a specific neural cell type induced from human ES cells using enhancer-based reporter system.

IMB provides a competitive remuneration package commensurate with your specific qualifications and experience.

We welcome interested applicants to email their detailed resume plus names/contact details of three referees, stating preferred area of interest, to Ms Cheryl Lee* (

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