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 Year Month Source Gene Subject
 2017 June  The Scientist ELABELA Preeclampsia
 2017 January A*STAR Press Release SMCHD1 Arhinia
  February  DCPS Al-Raqad Syndrome
  December A*STAR Press Release KATNB1 Primary microcephaly
  December  A*STAR Press Release ELABELA A Novel Hormone for Heart Development
  June EMBO youtube EMBO Young Investigator 
 March Nature Turning point 
 November A*STAR Press Release  EMBO Young Investigator 
 October A*STAR Press Release AAGAB Punctate Palmoplantar keratoderma
   Nature Middle-East    
   Channel News Asia  
 May A*STAR Press Release IRX5 Hamamy Syndrome
   Nature Middle-East   
   Science Daily  
 October A*STAR Press Release TGFBR1 Ferguson-Smith Disorder
 January The Economist  Identical Twinning
  October A*STAR Press Release CHSY1  Temtamy Preaxial Brachydactyly

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