A. To request a DNA sample from us the following requirements must be met:

1) You must be a non-profit organization or academic institution.

2) If we have previously sent you a cDNA sample, we expect feedback (sent to telling us what you did with the sample. If you haven't even tried what we sent you already, why should we send you any new samples?

3) You may request up to three (3) constructs at a time.  Click here for a list of standard constructs. Once you have sent us feedback on one set, you can make another request for additional constructs. We particularly wish to discourage common lazy requests such as "send me all the constructs published in such-and-such paper."

B. To request permission to obtain a secondary DNA sample from a 3rd party who is in possession of one of our constructs, you must adhere to number 1 and 2 above

C. If you are willing to give a third party a DNA sample derived from our material, that third party must be in a non-profit or academic institution, send us a signed MTA, and show you a copy of that signed MTA. Then you are authorized to make the transfer.



1) Fill out and print an MTA by cliking here.  The MTA must include:

a) Your full name, title, and email address

b) Your organization and full mailing address

c) The construct(s) you are requesting.  For permission to obtain constructs from a 3rd party, see paragraph B above.

d) The signature of the principal investigator or head of the lab (not a student, postdoc, or technician), and the date. This signature authorizes all immediate members of the laboratory to use the material but not to give it away except as provided in paragraph C above.

     Fax your MTA to us including your FedEx account number on the MTA for shipping charges to fax number (+65) 6464 2006.  International MTA's received without a FedEx account number for shipping charges, can not be processed.  

       If you are local and would like to pick up your sample at our lab, do so.

3) Upon receiving your materials we will review your eligibility and if all criteria have been met we will send your samples to you in the envelope you provided, or via FedEx with the FedEx account number you provided, or call you for pick-up.  (Please remember to include your telephone number for FedEx). 



Mail To:

Human Embryology lab.
Institute of Medical Biology, A*Star

8A Biomedical Grove
05-39 Immunos
Singapore 138648

Off: (+65) 6407 0169
Fax: (+65) 6464 2006